Auto Insert

PPC Industries specializes in manufacturing food grade poly liners and tubing that interface with automatic bag insert machines.  PPC has expertise in making tubing, and box liners for the following bag insert machines:

  • Pearson
  • Pattyn
  • OK (K&R)
  • Thiele (Bemis)

Many of these machines require dimensional stability and ability to hold tight tolerances and at PPC we have the technology, machinery, and knowledge to match each specification. Roll to roll and lot to lot consistency is the key to maximizing customer production line up time thus insuring:

  • Take out cost and inefficiency
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce waste
  • Labor savings are realized
  • Increased production

PPC wants to make your company money and save your company money. We are able to do this through superior resins creating liners and tubing with greater characteristics to run on your machine and fit properly in the box. PPC also has superior winding technology that prevents any blocking or static, and keeps the roll running parallel at all times.